OralAce Rinse

OralAce Rinse is a wound dressing mouthwash that adheres to oral mucosa and forms a protective coating over painful mouth sores and irritation. Designed for the management of oral mucositis and stomatitis. OralAce Rinse is also intended for the management of all types of oral wounds, mouth sores, injuries and ulcers of the oral mucosa.

Features and Benefits

Provides rapid pain relief by adhering and protecting affected tissues from further irritation.

Contains Acemannan hydrogel:

  • Maintains the beneficial effects of fresh Aloe vera L.
  • Clinical studies showed that Acemannan Hydrogel is safe and effective in the treatment of oral wounds and can significantly reduce: ulcer size, painful symptoms, healing time and incidence compared to control or other treatments*

It is safe if swallowed

Easy application


​Oral mucositis and stomatitis related to chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients

Aphthous stomatitis and canker sores

All types of wounds, injuries and ulcers of the mucosa

Available sizes


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