AceTech is all about
connecting the dots

AceTech was founded by the owners of Natural Aloe Costa Rica and Dr. Ariel Katz.

We are a fully integrated medical care company at the forefront of supportive healthcare.

Our portfolio consists of three primary medical platforms:
oncology supportive care, dental & oral care, wound & burn care.


AceTech's products are naturally derived,
with strong and reliable clinical evidence for safety and efficacy.


Over 80M USD invested in R&D and clinical affairs, led to strong and unequivocal clinical evidence


Excellent record of over 1 million users with no MHRA or FDA reports

Naturally derived

Proprietary functional ingredient made by nature

Standards & compliance

To ensure the high level of our products is maintained, we invest great efforts and resources in our quality and regulatory department.


​Multidisciplinary by nature, we harness data-science, artificial intelligence (AI) and microbiome measurements to bring a revolutionary software tool for the prediction and diagnosis of potential side effects.

AceTech develops cutting-edge AI technologies implemented to the forefront of skin microbiome research.

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Clinical research

We believe in science. In order to support our current products and to develop our innovative research, we are in the process of executing several clinical trials.

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Rambam Hospital

Evaluate skin microbiome in radiation dermatitis.

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Assuta Medical Center

Evaluate skin microbiome in radiation dermatitis.